We are a brand with
more than 6 decades
of experience
in the Latin American market

We provide reinsurance and consultancy services through
our important Strategic Partners


Is to feel and live a philosophy of work and life, "SER DELTA" means: Service, Excellence, Profitability and Development of Human Talent.

“At Delta Re we have a high-performance and experienced team; we are always thinking about our customers’ needs and how to adapt to them.”

Delta Reinsurance Group Delta Re

Our aim is to provide consulting and support to our costumers

We offer support in treaty and facultative reinsurance business with first line security, to maintain the confidence and peacefulness of mind of our costumers

Why should you choose us?

We are your best option in the reinsurance market.

We have partners with more than 58 years of market presence, being part of a privileged segment in the reinsurance market. We focus on satisfying the particular needs of each of our costumers through the SER DELTA experience.  We are a team of professionals that consolidate a wide expertise offering talks, seminars, advice and training. Ethics, respect and excellence determine the way we do business.

6 decades of experience

With our partners, we are part of a privileged place in the reinsurance market.

Personalized attention

We focus on meeting the particular needs of each costumer.

Expert Mode

We have a team of professionals who consolidate a wide range of expertise.


Ethics, respect and excellence determine our way of doing business.

"Delta Re is synonymous with friendship, efficiency, commitment, flexibility, professionalism, knowledge and dedication."

Manuel Yáñez

Through our commercial partners we subscribe business in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic.

We continue to evolve to incorporate new territories

Years of experience

Among our products and services we offer you concrete options

We provide insurance companies with coverage and capabilities for the risks they wish to cede. We do this based on evaluations we make of their business portfolios.

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They represent part of our team
who will be in charge of your demands

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